New insights and strategies to get a response to your emails

If we can believe Baydin it is worthwile thinking twice before you write an email subject line. The words you are using directly influence the response rate. Words like “confirm,” “join,” “press,” or “invite” are not a good idea if you want a response, says data from Baydin, the makers of email plugin Boomerang. Baydin recently extracted data from five million emails its users handled — either using the company’s “email game” or scheduled for later via Boomerang. It found that some subject-line words, such as “apply” and “opportunity,” got more responses than words from the aforementioned list. Its data also suggests the best time to send emails is before work. Users who scheduled messages to read later, using Boomerang, most often wanted to deal with them around 6 a.m. Already sending emails packed with “opportunity” at 6 a.m. and not getting a response? You’re in good company. Baydin’s average email game player deleted about half of the 147 messages he or she received each day. Ninety minutes of the two hours he or she spent on email each day went to just 12 messages.What is your experience?

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